Thomas Mewburn Crook c. 1905
Thomas Mewburn Crook c. 1905

Thomas’ professional life started in 1896 in his native Lancashire, after the completion of his training in South Kensington. He had won an open competition for Modelling Master and Anatomy Lecturer at the Manchester School of Art.  Thomas started work in earnest, both in preparing his Lectures and in starting his Sculptural work. This was the beginning of an eventful and very full working life spanning over fifty years. However, after 9 years in Manchester having made quite an impact on the Art scene, he decided his future lay in London. So in 1905, he made the move to Chiswick. By this time he had already had a piece of work exhibited at the Royal Academy; many more pieces were to follow. Below there is a list of some of the places where his work was displayed over the years.

  • The Royal Academy
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Leeds City Art Gallery
  • The Corporation of Manchester Art Gallery
  • The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Art
  • The Bristol Academy
  • The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

If not working on his Sculptures for exhibitions and public Commissions, he would be working on his next piece for a private Commission. He was never short of work. His skill as a Sculptor, lay in his ability to carve and sculpt the most delicate of features out of the hardest of materials;Carrara marble and Portland stone. Some of his work was cast into bronze too.

When faced with his next project, he would do his research thoroughly, taking measurements and initially making a clay model. This was followed by a plaster model on the same scale as the final sculpture, before it was finally carved in marble or stone. For a life size figure, this would be approximately 18 months of work, working 8 hours a day.