Thomas’ middle name of ‘Mewburn’ came from his mother’s side. Dinah Crook (nee Hamilton) was born in How, Cumberland, the eldest of 10 children. Her mother was Jemima Hamilton (nee Mewburn).

Jemima was the eldest child of 9 children of Tulip Mewburn and Elizabeth Armstrong. One of Tulip’s brothers, was Simon of Acomb House in Northumberland.

Thomas’ father was James Crook b.1837 an Engine Cleaning Waste Maker. James’ father, John was a paper maker before entering the Cotton Industry. In fact James, trained as an Apprentice Paper Maker as a young man.

James was the eldest of four children.

We are aware of how Thomas’ brother was called Joseph Hamilton Crook, but would like to know, why his other brother, Charles, had the middle name of Mason. So far, we have been unable to establish where it came from.