Thomas was commissioned to make sculptures for a number of memorials after the First World War. Here are details and pictures of these memorials. Click on a picture for more detail.

War Memorial by Thomas Mewburn Crook at St Lawrence, Caterham

A life-size Calvary figure on a Celtic styled cross in the grounds of an 11th century Church(1918) in Portland stone.

St. Katherines Church, Rotherhithe, Pieta 1919, sculpture by Thomas Mewburn Crook

Pieta: A statue of Mary holding the body of her dead son. It was done in 1919 in plaster. It survived the Second World War and the bombing of that part of London. We have no up to date knowledge whether it is still there.

St. Marks Church, North Audley Street, London. War Memorial in bronze and gold mosaic, marble Altar piece above, sculpture by Thomas Mewburn Crook

A bronze plaque set in gold mosaic commemorates the soldiers and airmen who died in the Great War(1920). We have no up to date information as to the whereabouts of this memorial.

War Memorial by Thomas Mewburn Crook at All Saints Streetly

A life-size crucifix in Portland stone(1919). Originally, it was erected facing the crossroads of the Foley and Featherstone roads, but has since been moved to the front of the grounds of the Church.

St Marys Church, Standishgate, Wigan, Vision of Chateauneuf 1918, sculpture by Thomas Mewburn Crook

A full size marble figure of ‘A Vision of Chateauneuf’, ie. St Anthony with the Christ child was done as a war memorial. The request came from the parish priest at the time. This remains in an alcove in the Church where it was dedicated in April 1920.

WW1 Memorial at Felixstowe by Thomas Mewburn Crook

A life size crucifix, the figure in bronze on a teak cross(1919). This was erected with its back to the Church facing the crossroads of Orwell Road and Princes Road. It remains there now.

War Memorial by Thomas Mewburn Crook at St Saviour's Raynes Park, London

A large plain cross in Portland stone with a small crucifix on the top and two figures on the cross beam, Mary and St John(1919).

Britannia - on World War 1 War memorial by Thomas Mewburn Crook

Britannia statue in bronze(approx. 25 inches high) to commemorate the employees of the Company who had perished in the War. This figure was positioned in the lobby of the building and unveiled on Dec 15th 1921. It is now on a marble plinth in the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire.